Dot Reeder. Photo by Natalie Chitwood




What is your store name and where are you located?
Dot Reeder. We are located at 129 Watchung Avenue in Montclair, NJ.

Describe your shop in three words:

Fresh, sacred, loved.

What does your shop carry?

We carry an assortment of contemporary designers. The point of view is contemporary classicism – a clean and easy aesthetic with a sharp point of view.

Why do you like selling Pico jewelry?

Pico’s style is so clean and linear. Even the Arches feel precise. I love that Andrea [Panico, the designer] lives in Montclair and that her cool point of view is so refreshing. Each piece has a story and a reference-it’s meaningful and I like to share that.

Pico Design | Andrea Panico Dot Reeder
Pico jewelry on display at Dot Reeder in Montclair, NJ.


Pico Design | Andrea Panico at Dot Reeder
A customer shops for Pico jewelry alongside owner Laura Barker


Pico Design | Andrea Panico at Dot Reeder
Pico’s Wide Oval Necklace on display with some other items at Dot Reeder


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